01 PM | 22 Mai

Wie man Wikipedia für das Sammlungsmarketing nutzt…

Über dieses Thema schreiben zwei Bibliothekarinnen der Washington Libraries in der aktuellen Ausgabe des D-Lib Magazins. Titel des Aufsatz „Using Wikipedia to Extend Digital Collections„. Wichtiger Hinweis für die Bibliotheken die auch daran interessiert sind:

For example, in Wikipedia, articles on the history of Seattle are segmented by particular time periods; therefore, any external links to our collections needed to be relevant to that same time period. Consideration was also given to the number of items in the online collection itself. This was critical because external links are reviewed by the Wikipedia community quite rapidly, and the relevance of a newly added link to an article must be obvious to the reader. If the description of the external link written for our collection or the description provided on the main page of the libraries digital collection is not obviously relevant to other editors, it probably would be challenged by another editor or simply deleted – within minutes.

[ Danke an Mathias Schindler für den Hinweis]

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