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Support Zotero with WordPress (en)

In German i have already written about Zotero. Now where i have my own WordPress Blog i just installed few plugins that improve the compatibility with Zotero. But maybe i should start at the beginning.

What is Zotero?

Zotero is a Plugin for Firefox up version 2.0, that it makes possible to save citations during surfing for later use.

Support Zotero social bookmarking, too?

Not until now because the data is saved on your own computer. But in one of he next versions should there be a server based solution and an integration in social bookmarking services (exspecial for citations).

How works Zotero?

Zotero supports different metadata standards. Which Metadata Zotero can extract from a page depends on the quality of the metadata that is offered. Two interesting standards are unAPI and COinS.

And what has wordpress to do with that?

Also for WordPress blogs can enhaced by plugins, so it is possible that every blogpost gets direct metadate that is reconiced by Zotero and can be saved inkluding Autorname, Blogname and Abstract.

Sounds good to me, so what I have to do?

It‘s very simple You just have to install two plugins nothing more:

The COinS plungin://dev.zotero.org/download/coins-metadata.zip

for the metadata


The unAPI plugin, thats allows Zotero to save the abstract (or the first 500 of a blog entry)

That‘s all?

Support Zotero with WordPress Yes so easy it it. But it would be nice if you also use the badge with a hint for others with a link to this post. This is the code for that: <a href="http://www.bibliothek2null.de/?p=189" title="Support Zotero with WordPress"><img src="http://www.bibliothek2null.de/wp-content/uploads/2007/07/support-z.png" alt="Support Zotero with WordPress" /></a>

The Goal is that blogposts can bet better and more easy cited and when more people uses this format other tools will support this standards. And if you want you can also left an link to your blog in the comments.

Lets join!

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