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IFLA 2007: Collaboration Cooperation Sharing Storytelling Networking

Stephen Abram speaks about social libraries and librarians: Collaboration Cooperation Sharing Storytelling Networking. He was introduced as the Harry Potter of the Library World. He said so much and so was it it was a firework of ideas, so that i can only blog about a very few.

* People goes to interact in social networks and we should become a part of it.

* We can’t manage knowledge we can only manage the environment in which knowledge is created. We can integrate with community flow.

* After knowledge comes not wisdom but behavior. And behavior is the path to decisions. Decisions led to action even is the action is a non action.

* different media are needed to reach different learner types (visual, audio,….)

* context is king not content

* „What should we pay attention to?“. His answers:

o behav. alignments o learning styles o user-needs-real needs o personality o work flow o quality o speed

* Professionals needs names. Doctor are more trusted when you can see their names, nurse also, so why should not librarians wear a tag with their name on in the library to get more trust?

He has publish his slides on his website.

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