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Zotero gewinnt Citefest 2008

Nachmals etwas zum Thema „Vergleich von Literaturverwaltungsprogrammen“. Zotero gewinnt das citefest 2008. Citefest ist eine Veranstaltung der Northwestern University’s Library and Academic Technologies group, in der verschiedene Literaturverwaltungsprogamme gegeneinander antreten. Studenten, Lehrende und Bibliothekare kamen zusammen um mit verschiedenen Litertaurverwaltungsprogrammen verschiedene Herausforderungen zu lösen. Die Programme wurden dann auf Schnelligkeit, Einfachheit und Korrektheit zu testen. Die Herausforderungen waren:

  • create a bibliography for a two page paper using different source types
  • Share your citations with others
  • Create a citation from a web site
  • Import a citation from an online database
  • Change your references from MLA to APA (or vice versa)
  • Attach your notes, keywords, or tags to a citation
  • Include special characters or non-Roman alphabets in your citation
  • Cite a podcast
  • Cite an audio recording
  • Cite a music score
  • Cite unpublished archival materials, including a letter, a scrapbook, an internal memo, a newspaper clipping
  • Cite an archival finding-aid from a repository website
  • Download a paper as a pdf using the reference’s DOI
  • Link each reference in your database to a pdf on your hard drive
  • Merge two citation libraries from separate publications into one document with appropriate formatting (numbering updates, create a merged library, etc.)
  • Edit a reference after it has been inserted into a paper
  • Create a custom citation and reference format for a conference paper or journal article
  • Cite while you write – in as many different word processors as possible (Word, Word Perfect, Open Office)
  • Cite with the author part of regular text, e.g: „as Smith (1776) argues“
  • Include page numbers and comments such as e.g., c.f. to a citation, e.g. „in the late 18th century, economists started to discover the virtues of the free market (cf. Smith 1776, 18-24)
  • Drag and drop references into a blog post
  • Export bibliographic information in HTML
  • Cite a YouTube video or a image from Flickr
  • Create a timeline to visualize your records
  • Create collections to organize your materials
  • Add citations to an email
  • Generate collections based on search criteria
  • Add references to a Google Doc

Glückwunsch an Zotero.

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