03 PM | 15 Jan

Call for Papers ELAG 2010

Die ELAG, die in Europa der Code4Lib entspricht hat das Call for Papers fuer dieses Jahr veroeffentlciht. Einen Tag vor dem offiziellen Konferenzbeginn findet eine Code4Lib Preconference statt.

Der Text des Call for Papers:


Users perspective on information retrieval is largely shaped by web experiences. Accordingly libraries are feeling pressure to adapt their services in line with new user expectations. Bibliographic databases are no exception to this and users expect them to come up with the most relevant information on the first page of a search result. Thus the challenge for use is “How can we make relevance ranking work in bibliographic databases?”

Search engines and web experiences have led  users expect to get to a resource instantaneously. –  How do we fulfil this need when large parts of our services are still based around paper material? –  In a new style library catalogue, users do not expect to find just journal titles, but also expect articles within these journals to be found. What strategies do libraries use to fulfil this wish? –  As well, Library catalogue records are now harvested by Google and other search engines. Are we able to expose our meta-data to these engines for useful re use and cross referencing? –  Are we able to expose the richness of our bibliographic databases to the web using semantic web technologies like linked data? –  Are we ready for the E-book readers? –  What do libraries do to archive our E-memory? –  Are our new discovery interfaces understood by our users? –  Do we know our users?

We invite you to take this opportunity to express your work on these topics and submit a paper to present at: http://indico.cern.ch/event/elag2010 Deadline for submission of papers is 15th of February 2010.

More about Call for papers and how to submit a paper:http://elag2010.nationallibrary.fi/conference/call-for-papers/

Sub-themes of the conferencehttp://elag2010.nationallibrary.fi/conference/sub-themes/


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