06 PM | 09 Aug

Open Bibliographic Data @ IFLA

Since last year i talked about Open Bibliographic Data. During my time at CERN I managed that CERN as one the first libraries is publishing there data unter a public domain weaver. At the IFLA Pre-Conference (that I was not able to attend) Jens Vigen from CERN spoke about this project. After him spoke Anders Söderbäck about „Why Open Access to Bibliographic Metadata Matters, for Libraries and for the World.“ I hope the slides will be online soon.

On sunday in the „semantic web and libraries“ session (08:30 – 12:45 | Room: F4-6) I will give a presentation about „Step one: blow up the silo! – Open bibliographic data, the first step towards Linked Open Data“. A Paper with the main ideas you will find already online. Also I publishes already my presentation on slideshare. If you are in Gothenburg I hope You will join the session.


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