10 AM | 28 Sep

Workshop zu „Open Bibliographic Data and the Public Domain“ in Berlin

Die OKF bietet im Rahmen der „3rd Free Culture Research Conference“ einenWorkshop zu „Open Bibliographic Data and the Public Domain“ an. Details zum Workshop:

Open Bibliographic Data and the Public Domain Thursday, October 07, 2010 from 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM (GMT+0100)


This one day workshop will focus on open bibliographic data and the public domain. In particular it will address questions like: • What is the role of freely reusable metadata about works in calculating which works are in the public domains in different jurisdictions? • How can we use existing sources of open data to automate the calculation of which works are in the public domain? • What data sharing policies in libraries and culrural heritage institutions would support automated calculation of copyright status? • How can we connect databases of information about public domain works with digital copies of public domain works from different sources (Wikipedia, Europeana, Project Gutenberg, …)? • How can we map existing sources of public domain works in different countries/languages more effectively? The day will be very much focused on productive discussion and ‘getting things done’ — rather than presentations. Sessions will include policy discussions about public domain calculation under the auspices of Communia (a European thematic network on the digital public domain), as well as hands on coding sessions run by the Open Knowledge Foundation. The workshop is a satellite event to the 3rd Free Culture Research Conferenceon 8-9th October.

Ort: Freie Universität Berlin Rooms 108/108a Garystr. 21 14195 Berlin Germany

Danke an Anja Jentzsch für den Hinweis, ich selber werde leider nicht teilnehmen können.

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